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We are responsible for commissioning (buying) healthcare services for the residents of Croydon.  These will include healthcare services you receive at hospitals, in the community and mental health services. ​​

 Latest News

Additional support for finances

Today, NHS Improvement and NHS England have announced a range of new measures to help address the financial challenges faced by a number of NHS organisations across the country

Dr Know helps Croydon residents to get active

The July Dr Know column, written by CCG assistant clinical chair Dr Agnelo Fernandes, has been published in the Croydon Guardian. This month, Dr Know focuses on activity, and the opportunities in Croydon to get active while the sun shines.

Summer health advice – get prepared

Most of us welcome hot weather, but when it's too hot for too long there are health risks.

New alliance chosen to provide network of urgent care services in Croydon

Croydon Urgent Care Alliance has been chosen by Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group as the preferred bidder to run a new network of urgent care services across the borough from April 2017.

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