What is changing as a result of the new
“co-commissioning” arrangements

Every GP practice offers a range of different health services – these could  include asthma care, contraceptive planning and advice,  minor surgery such as mole removal and management  of long term conditions such as diabetes. At the moment a central organisation called NHS England (NHSE) plans and develops the Primary Care services that GP practices provide.

NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), along with other local CCGs in England, currently commissions acute hospital services, community health services  and mental health services for our local population.

From April 2015 this is going to change. In addition to the services we currently commission, CCGs will begin to work together as a larger group to plan and develop their local primary care health services - NHSE will still have some involvement. This is because the NHS wants local clinicians and local communities to have more influence over how primary care services are developed.

This is part of the NHS’ vision to improve the quality of services  for patients, provide greater value for money and address any local health inequalities (such as mortality rates) and will result in a more responsive health service.

CCGs and NHSE working together in this way to plan and deliver primary care services is called  ‘co-commissioning ‘.

It is one of a series of changes set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View  to transform the way  primary and community care services are provided  for local people.

A presentation containing more information is available to download here.​


Update (August 2015) - delegated commissioning

Croydon CCG is considering building on a decision taken in April 2015 to be joint co-commissioners with the other south west London CCGs and NHSE England, and moving to an arrangement for the commissioning of General Practice services called Delegated Commissioning and we will be making a decision in Autumn 2015.

Delegated commissioning would allow Croydon CCG to take on full responsibility for commissioning and monitoring GP services.

Delegated commissioning would involve:

  • The CCG forming its own Primary Care Commissioning Committee.  The Chair and Vice Chair will be lay members.  Healthwatch and the Health and  Well Being Board would sit on the committee.

  • NHS England would still hold 'residual liability' and as such will also have the right to receive minutes from the committee, be notified of decisions and direct the CCG to address issues arising.

Delegated commissioning gives the opportunity for:

  • Local communities and patients to have more say in the care they receive

  • Patients to influence and lead on shaping and delivering high quality, responsive services which meet local needs

  • Providing a wider range of services closer to home
  • Building stronger local GP services

Conflicts of interest would be managed through strict governance arrangements and in line with the NHS England guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest[i]

This proposal will be discussed at the CCG's next Governing Body meeting on 1st September 2015.  This is a public meeting.  Following this meeting a vote on this issue will be taken at a Council of Members meeting later in September.

Please contact Ruth Frost, Interim Head of Primary Care and Engagement on  email: ruth.frost@croydonccg.nhs.uk if you need any further information.

[i] http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/man-confl-int-guid-1214.pdf