​​​Participation Assurance Report​s

Patient and public participation is at the heart of our commissioning and review process.  It is also a legal requirement.  The NHS Act 2006 and Health and Social Care Act 2012 state that NHS organisations must make arrangements to involve patients and members of the public in the planning, developing or consideration of proposals for changing the way a service is provided where this affects the way that service is delivered, or the range of services available.  

The CCG is undertaking a series of ambitious and forward thinking procurements and service re-designs to ensure that the local health system can meet the health and care needs of its residents, while supporting them to improve their own health and well-being, through our Together for Health self-care programme.

If you want to get involved in improving local health services, there are many opportunities, please visit this page for more information.

You can read more about Equalities work in Croydon here.

Governing Body reports are a summary of Patient and Public Involvement activities and feedback over the previous three months

Participation Duty Reports are delivered to NHS England annually and cover our structures, high level activities and future plans.

Annual report

Patient and Public Engagement in Croydon 2018.docx.pdf

2018/19 reports

PPI summary Q1 2018-19.pdf

2017/18 reports

PPI Summary Q1 2017-18.pdf

PPI summary Q2 2017 18.pdf
PPI summary Q3 2017 18.pdf
PPI summary Q4 2017 18.pdf

2016/17 reports

PPI summary Q1 2016 17.pdf

PPI summary Q2 2016 17.pdf

PPI summary Q3 2016 17.pdf

PPI summary Q4 2016 17.pdf

Participation Duty Report - 2015/16

Patient and Public Engagement in Croydon 2015-16- final.pdf

NHS England Report on PPE in Croydon 2015-6.pdf

Participation Duty Report - 2014/15

2015.09.30 Final Participation duty report 2014-15.pdf

Annex 1.pdf

Annex 2.pdf

Annex 3.pdf

Appendix 4.pdf

Appendix 5.pdf

Appendix 6.pdf

Appendix 7.pdf

Appendix 8.pdf

Annex 9.pdf