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Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is a priority for Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group.  It is enshrined in the NHS constitution.  

A Handbook to the NHS constitution is also available, here.  The Handbook provides an explanation of each right and pledge in the NHS Constitution and the legal sources of both patient and staff rights. It also outlines the roles we all have to play in protecting and developing the NHS.  

Getting members of the public and patients involved can help improve the quality of health services in Croydon. 

We are committed to involving you in our commissioning cycle.  

Read on to how we involve the public and patients in buying and managing health and care services in Croydon.  If you want to get involved, please email getinvolved@croydonccg.nhs.uk

The NHS Commissioning Cycle

NHS commissioning cycle.jpg

Below is an example of how local residents got involved in the procurement of urgent care services.

PPI involvement in Urgent Care.jpg

The Engagement Structure below shows how the engagement work we do feeds into the the CCG's process and decision making.

PPE Structure.jpg

We are always working to improve the services we commission. There are many ways to get involved.

Croydon CCG Virtual Health Network 

We recognise that not everyone is able to, or wants to, attend a public meeting or a focus group. For some of our residents, online engagement is an effective and preferred way for them to receive and comment on information and provide insight into local health services. During 2015-16, Croydon CCG set up a virtual Health Network to open up alternative ways for people to engage with the CCG. Members of the virtual network are able to give their views and input into healthcare decisions and policies. Currently there are over 300 contacts on our virtual network which is made up of individuals and local organisations. 

If you would like to get involved in our local healthcare network let us know by emailing us at getinvolved@croydonccg.nhs.uk and we will keep you informed of opportunities.

There are other opportunities to engage with your local healthcare system:

We report back to our Governing Body on PPI activities every quarter (three months).  This is a summary of who we have engaged with, what we have engaged about and the impact of that engagement.   We also provide annual high level reports to NHS England (Participation Duty Reports)
  • Full Governing Body reports, of which the PPI forms a part, can be found here
  • Participation Duty Reports can be found here
  • PPI activity in Croydon can also be found in our Annual Reports 

General Feedback

Please let us have your feedback on any issues relating to health care services in Croydon.  You can email us at getinvolved@croydonccg.nhs.uk.  You can also complete our Feedback form at any time. 

Please note:  Your feedback is important to us and we aim to respond to you as quickly as we can but it may take up to five working days for us to get back to you.