​Conflict of Interest breaches

We work to ensure that CCG staff, governing body members, committee or sub-committee members and GP Practice members are supported and feel confident to voice any concerns they may have regarding conflicts of interests and possible breaches that may have occurred. You can read our policy towards conflicts of interest breaches here.

This section of the website is updated quarterly to reflect on any breaches that have occurred.

NHS Croydon CCG breaches

In the last quarter there has been one reported breach of Conflict of Interest policy. Details below:

Event date:                                                       
Breach arose July 2018 self-reported in January 2019. Interest commenced 2016 and was reportable

Nature of breach:                                              
Late declaration (beyond 28 days) of interest.    Interest arose from GP premises letting room to an independent provider at request of CCG.  Common to other GP members of the Governing Body. 

Relevant of Decision CoI Control process:  
Declarations of Interest

Confirm investigation took place:                       
Yes.   Undertaken under direction of the Conflict of Interest Guardian within 2 days of written report.

Learning points identified:

  • Members to be reminded to take care on ensuring full declaration forms and GP members to consider interests arising from their practice partnership.
  • Corporate team to encourage completion of Annual training at same time as annual Letter declaration and not January deadline.
  • All admin staff and Committee assigned executives to review CoI Guidance sheets for Administrations to ensure suitable recording of the handling of interest in all relevant meetings.
Actions instigated.                                             
Minute takers received formal training and Guidance referred to.  Annual Reminder letter revised

Evaluation of Impact/ Consequence                  
No Impact. Individual declared the interest ahead of any meeting to take a decision linked to the activity (namely anti-coagulation contract extension) and followed policy in the meeting when this did take place.

Considered appropriate for Fraud referral?         

Disciplinary / Further training?                           
Conflict of Interest Guardian concluded no further action required.