​​​​Governing body​​

A governing body is similar to a board. Ours is made up of individual governing body members including the clinical chair, assistant clinical chair, GP leads, two lay members (people not employed by the NHS), a registered nurse, a hospital doctor and senior officers. The governing body also includes representatives from the local authority and Healthwatch Croydon also regularly attend.

On behalf of its members (all local GP practices in Croydon), the function of our Governing Body and executive members is to ensure strong and effective leadership, management and accountability.

Croydon CCG is managed in an open and accessible way, which will enable local people to question what we do and why we do it.

Find out more about our governing body meetings and how you can take part on the Governing body meetings page.

For further information about what a clinical commissioning group governing body does, please read NHS England's publication, Towards establishment: Creating responsive and accountable clinical commissioning groups.

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