Information for patients and the public

How we involved local people

Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and Croydon Council hosted a series of events in 2014 to give local residents the opportunity to say what could be done to improve the health and independence of older people in Croydon.

Over 400 people from around the borough have been involved so far in some lively discussions about how we could make a difference in four key areas, which are of particular importance to older people:
  1. Keeping healthy and well
  2. Staying independent
  3. Long-term conditions
  4. Unplanned care
We also undertook one on one interviews to make sure that we got the views of those people who are house bound, or unable to attend events.

What people told us?

You can read a summary of the ideas, issues and suggestions raised at the engagement events we hosted at the end of April 2014. Please note this is a summary which sets out some of the major themes and suggestions that emerged from the events rather than a detailed record of the conversations that took place.

The information provided at these events was taken forward to ‘working groups’ who looked at suggestions in more detail. These groups were made up of patients, carers, the public as well as health and social care professionals.
We held a feedback event for the public on Thursday 3 July 2014 which presented back all the work that had been done. The presentation from the event can be downloaded here. The engagement feedback report from July 2014 is here:

Next steps

Visit our get involved pages here to find out about how you can help us in this next phase, working with the providers to develop a new model of care for over 65s.