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Outcomes Based Commissioning is an approach that incentivises providers based on their achievement of a set out outcomes. In the context of health and social care in Croydon, we see Outcomes Based Commissioning as the mechanism for significantly improving outcomes for the over 65s, as well as driving efficiency and promoting the integration of health and social care services.
NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and Croydon Council intend to commission a single 10-year contract for managing and delivering services for over 65s that are high quality, cost effective, integrated and focused on the achievement of outcomes.
As commissioners we have several ways in which we can choose a provider for the Outcomes Based Commissioning contract for over 65s. We have decided that an Accountable Provider Alliance model will work best in Croydon, as an alliance model facilitates integration of health and social care.

We have chosen to use the Most Capable Provider process to decide on the providers in the alliance. This means we have assessed a wide range of providers and identified those that we believe most capable to engage, respond, develop and deliver the contract locally. This assessment process identified five organisations as being most capable of delivering the over 65s pathway. 

The providers identified to form the Accountable Provider Alliance are:

  • Age UK
  • Croydon Council Adult Social Care
  • Croydon GP Group
  • Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, and
  • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

We see this whole programme as a collaboration between the Accountable Provider Alliance, all other providers of services to the over 65s, local people and their representatives to make sure people in Croydon have access to integrated, high quality services that are sustainable for the future and give patients the health and social care outcomes they tell us they want.

Using an Outcomes Based Commissioning contract for older people's services offers an opportunity to transform the way services are provided in Croydon, by putting the things that matter most to older people and their families at the heart of service provision.

People told us that the outcomes that matter to them are:

  • staying healthy, active and independent for as long as possible
  • getting access to the best quality care so people can live how they choose
  • having support from professionals with specialist knowledge to understand how health and social care affects individuals
  • getting more care and support tailored to individuals' needs
  • being supported to manage long term conditions

If you are a provider and would like to discuss Outcomes Based Commissioning and how we can work together, please contact Martin Ellis, Programme Director at martin.ellis@croydonccg.nhs.uk or write to:

Outcomes Based Commissioning Programme

Bernard Weatherill House

2nd Floor

Zone G

8 Mint Walk

Croydon CR0 1EA