South West London Collaborative Commissioning

The six south west London CCGs and NHS England, who commission specialised and primary care services in south west London, are working together under the umbrella name of South West London Collaborative Commissioning programme to develop a five-year strategy for the local NHS.
Clinicians have been highlighting for several years that the way in which we deliver services in the NHS needs to change. There is a broad clinical consensus on this point and reports from the Academy of Royal Colleges, NHS Confederation, the King’s Fund  and NHS England have all highlighted the need for change.
  • We face a number of challenges in the years ahead:
  • The population is ageing and up to a third of people are living with long term conditions, meaning we need to provide more and better care out of hospital and closer to where people live
  • We need health and social care services to work together much better – nationally, the Better Care Fund has been set up to achieve this and it means money is being moved from CCG budgets for hospital care to local community services – each CCG has a two-year plan for this
  • None of our hospitals meet all the minimum safety and quality standards set out by clinicians based on Royal College guidance – the London Quality Standards – and there is a variation in the quality of care between different hospitals and different times of the day, week and year
  • Hospitals are expected to provide seven-day services with the required level of consultant cover at all times, but we do not currently provide this in south west London and there are not enough consultants available to do so across our four acute hospitals
  • The NHS is unlikely to be given extra money in the foreseeable future, yet the costs of providing healthcare are rising much faster than the rate of inflation, meaning we face significant financial challenges
  • We need to reshape mental health services so that they achieve the highest possible standards and are focused primarily in the community
  • We need to ensure that primary care and other community-based services meet the highest possible standards
  • We need to do more to prevent people becoming ill and to provide better information to patients.

The South West London Collaborative Commissioning programme replaces the Better Services Better Value (BSBV) programme which the CCGs inherited. The strategy will address the same issues as those highlighted by BSBV but has been widened to look at the whole health system, including primary care, community services and mental health.

The strategy was published in June 2014. For more information and to download a copy of the strategy, please visit the South West London Collaborative commissioning group website.