​​​Foxley Lane Women’s Service​

In 2017, Croydon CCG took the decision to close Foxley Lane, a women's mental health ward in Purley.

This followed an engagement process that ran from Tuesday 1 November 2016 to Friday 6 January 2017.

Throughout this engagement process, Croydon CCG engaged face to face with just under 150 individual Croydon residents, patients and professionals.  We have received a total of 57 written responses through the online or paper survey.  A petition opposing the closure of Foxley Lane was created on the 38 Degrees website which, when delivered to Croydon CCG, had received 737 verified signatures.  A survey was run throughout the entirety of the engagement process, full details of which can be found in the final Patient and Public Engagement Report.

The results of the engagement show that a large majority of survey respondents, 80%, disagree that the range of services in the community could meet the needs of patients better than Foxley Lane. By contrast, a majority of survey respondents, 61%, agreed patients should receive care at or close to home when it is safe to do so.

The CCG's decision was clinically based and reflected the borough's mental health strategy and commitment to treat more patients in the community closer to their own home.  Instead of being admitted to Foxley Lane patients will be provided with individual care packages in their homes where appropriate.  Patients that require more intensive support could be admitted to inpatient services including a new 14 bedded women's ward on the Bethlem site which opened in spring 2017. These community services are provided by a range of community mental health services including Croydon Home Treatment Team and the Community Liaison Team. 

You can read the Governing Body papers, including the full engagement report of all the feedback, on page 19 of this pack.

You can read a number of documents about this engagement process below: