​Public Consultation and Engagement

We continually engage with the public and patients throughout the year.  Sometimes we need to hold specific engagement or consultation over a defined period with the public.  You can find out more about these activities at the links on the left.

What do we mean by Engagement?

The words engagement and consultation are sometime used interchangeably. But for us these two words have very different meanings which guide how we work with patients and the public.

Engagement (or Involvement) is the approach we most often take in our day to day work with Croydon residents. We take engagement to mean working with residents to understand any issues they may face when accessing or using the health care services we commission. And then working with them, sometimes over a long period of time, to help us improve local services. This could include having a group of local residents joining a working group with clinicians and commissioners to re design a service. For example, patient representatives on our recent Muscular Skeletal service reprocurement were able to influence the new service by encouraging commissioners to include easier ways for patients to access the service at their GP Practice as well as linking much more closely with voluntary sector services who are already running exercise sessions such as Pilates or other suitable exercise programmes.

When do we Consult?

When we undertake a consultation with residents it is usually as a result of when we need to make significant changes to a service. Often people refer to this as a formal consultation. As part of the consultation the CCG would develop a number of different options about the future of the service and ask people to comment on those options. Resident's feedback and comments would be presented to members of our Governing Body who would be responsible for any final decision. The last formal consultation we undertook in Croydon can be seen here.

A consultation has to be conducted within a legal framework and the consultation must follow certain principles.

The Consultation Institute is a good starting point for funding out more information about the consultation process.

The table below, produced by NHS England, gives some helpful definitions of some of the words you may see on our Get Involved pages.

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