​​​​​Urgent Care​​ - review of services​

Right Care, Right Place, First Time

Involving Croydon in improving urgent care
Update from February's Governing Body Meeting

Following extensive engagement with local residents Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Governing Body has today agreed on a new model for urgent care services which will see Urgent Care services expanded across the borough.

The new model will see the introduction of three new 'GP hubs' which will expand the current urgent care services located at New Addington, Purley War Memorial Hospital, and Edridge Road. It also includes continuation of the Urgent Care Centre and a GP out-of-hours service at the front door of the Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital.

The 'GP Hub' plans were drawn up by clinicians after long-term engagement with the public. They respond to local residents' calls for extended opening hours, improved urgent care access to GPs, expanded services with more facilities away from Croydon University Hospital, and a simpler system with clear descriptions and better signposting.  

The new 'GP Hubs' will be led by GPs, and can treat all ages. They will provide all of the same services as the current Walk-in Centre at Edridge Road combined with those provided at the Minor Injury Units at Purley and New Addington. Local people will be able to get advice and treatment from GPs and nurses for minor illnesses, injuries and ailments between 8am and 8pm, 365 days a year.

Croydon CCG will now embark on the next phases of the procurement which will see a single contract for the Urgent Care Centre, GP out-of-hours services, and GP hubs. Croydon residents will continue to be involved in shaping the detailed specification of the new services and selecting the new provider. The new contract is due to start in April 2017.

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, Croydon CCG Assistant Clinical Chair said: "We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time and joined in with our urgent care review. Your suggestions have had real, direct, impact on this decision about what urgent care will look like.

"The model that has resulted is an exciting new direction for Croydon. We look forward to working with local residents to refine the specifications and select the best possible new provider for these services."

Additional information

  • Between 27 November 2015 and 17 January 2016 Croydon CCG gave out 6,280 engagement documents. We spoke to over 1,000 people. Some of the conversation we had with groups of residents were in-depth and lasted for an hour or more, other conversations were shorter. Every contact we had, and continue to have, is equally important to us. This builds on a range of engagement events and meetings with local residents going back to December 2014.

  • We received 357 survey responses showing clear support for Option 1, the option which has now been agreed by the CCG Governing Body.

Survey result sourceOption 1Option 2Option 3
All other45%20.7%29.7%
Voluntary sector46.3%26.4%27.3%
  • Three main worries came up again and again when people talked to us:
    • Will GP hub services mean there won't be as many local GPs and it will be harder to get appointments
    • Where will GP hub services be, will they stay in the same buildings that we know?
    • Will GP hub services be accessible for the people in our communities who most need them.
  • Responses to these and other questions raised during the engagement are available here​

  • Croydon residents will continue to be involved in shaping and refining the detailed specification with providers.

  • All throughout February the engagement team were out and about in Croydon giving feedback to residents who took time to join in with engagement activities. 

  • If you would like to receive a paper copy of the feedback report, or have any questions or comments please contact getinvolved@croydonccg.nhs.uk or call 020 3668 1384.

4 March 2016