​Reshaping Mental Health

In Croydon we are committed to constantly improving services.  Mental health services is no different.  In the files below you can read about the context and case for change for improving our mental health services for residents.  There is an overview of the current system as well and how we want to improve it.

  • Introduction to the current system of mental health services and how we want to improve

We have also been actively engaging with our local communities to make sure our plans are tailored to their needs.  We worked with Croydon BME Forum and other key community partners to find out how we might adapt services and use links in the community raise awareness of services and to challenge the stigma of mental ill health.

June 2019

November 2018

July 2018

Talking Therapies

As part of our commitment to promoting good mental health and improving access to support services, we rebranded our Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) to "Croydon Talking Therapies" following local engagement.  We then tested marketing materials and messages in focus groups to make it more accessible to Croydon residents.

Marketing Talking Therapies insight report FINAL.docx.pdf