​Shaping Services

The Engagement Roadmap below shows how the engagement work we is considered within our decision making structures.

Paulette Lewis, MBE, is our Patient and Public Involvement Representive on the Governing Body.  She is the voice of Croydon residents in making important at our very highest level of governance.  Paulette works very closely with the engagement team to ensure that the patient and public voice is heard.  Please find the role description of the Patient and Public Lay Representative below.

Working with commissioners to shape services

We are committed to involving Croydon residents in the commissioning cycle.  Our engagement team actively work with our commissioners to support them to actively  involve patients and the public in designing services. 

We have an introduction to engagement and and its centrality in the commissioning cycle, which is available here.  We have also led learning events for colleagues which explains the public's role in commissioning.  You can view the presentation used, as well as an overview of the legal duty of engagement

Read on to how we involve the public and patients in buying and managing health and care services in Croydon.  If you want to get involved, please email getinvolved@croydonccg.nhs.uk

The NHS Commissioning Cycle

NHS commissioning cycle.png

Below is an example of how local residents got involved in the procurement of Musculo-skeletal services.

One Croydon Governance Structure

The CCG is part of the One Croydon Alliance, and supports the wider engagement process

Governance Review with Public Representation.JPG

Joint Impact Assessment Panel (JIAP)

As part of our on-going improvement programme the CCG formalised the process for assessing all of our commissioning activities against the domains of patient and public engagement, quality, equality and privacy, by establishing JIAP. Please see the Terms of Reference.

JIAP brings together the leads in these areas to explore how commissioning activity will impact on patients and carers and ensuring that robust patient and stakeholder engagement is undertaken by all commissioners across the organisation. 

The overarching remit  of JIAP is to provide a reliable and consistent approach for assessing any future plans and projects against their potential impact on the quality of service and any impacts on patient experience.

Please see below for examples of the assessment criteria including an engagement plan and equality impact assessment for proposals around redesigning Diabetes services.

Working with our local Community and Voluntary Sector to ensure our seldom heard groups have a voice

Seldom heard is a term used to describe groups who may experience barriers to accessing services or are under-represented in healthcare decision making. Groups who may be identified as seldom heard include rural communities, black and minority ethnic (BME) groups, gypsies and travellers, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, asylum seekers and refugees and young carers.

However, in reality, teenagers, employees, people with mental health issues and many others may be considered as seldom heard and engagement with these groups may not be straightforward.

Given the diversity of our communities Croydon has a wide number of populations who may be defined as seldom heard. However, Croydon also benefits from a vibrant and diverse community and voluntary sector that have excellent networks into the very heart of our communities.

We know that Croydon has a very healthy community and voluntary sector (CVS) with hundreds of CVS groups of all sizes providing support to our most vulnerable residents, such as people experiencing mental health issues, homeless people and refugees and asylum seekers.

NHS Croydon CCG work with the many of these organisations to make sure that these voices are heard in everything we do. We work with CVS organisations in a number of ways. We may commission specific groups to undertake engagement work on our behalf, work with them to reach out to their users or ask them to represent their users in our strategic boards and steering groups. We also commission some CVS organisations to deliver services as we recognise their experience and expertise.

Below is a table listing some of the CVS organisations who are represented on our Executive Boards, Service Transformation Working/Steering Groups or that we currently commission.

Member of CCG Executive Board/Steering/Working GroupName of Board /Steering Group/Working Group
Croydon Voluntary Action

Together for Health Board member

Transformation Board Member

South West London Patient and Public Engagement Steering Group Member

Local Voluntary Partnership lead for One Croydon

Healthwatch Croydon

Together for Health Board member

South West London Patient and Public Engagement Steering Group Member

Transformation Board Member

Communications and Engagement Steering Group Member

Representative on One Croydon Service User Group

Place on CCG Governing Body

Croydon VisionOphthalmology Service re-design Working Group Member
South Croydon Residents AssociationRepresentative on One Croydon Alliance Service User Group
Diabetes UKDiabetes Service re-design Working Group Member
BME Forum

Local Voluntary Partnership lead for One Croydon Alliance

Mental Health Partnership Board Member

Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association

Local Voluntary Partnership lead for One Croydon

One Croydon Service User Group Member

Croydon Asian Resource CentreLocal Voluntary Partnership lead for One Croydon Alliance
Croydon Hearing and Resource CentreEar, Nose & Throat Service re-design Working Group Member
HearUsMental Health Partnership Board Member
Mind in CroydonMental Health Partnership Board Member
Croydon APCMHMental Health Partnership Board Member
CRUSEMental Health Partnership Board Member
Off the RecordMental Health Partnership Board Member
ImagineMental Health Partnership Board Member


CVS Commissioned Service ProvidersServices Commissioned
Alzheimer SocietyDementia Advisors

Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA)


Making Every Contact Count (MECC) using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
Contract with St Christopher's hospice (in consortium with other CCGs)Specialist Palliative Care
Age UK Croydon

Personal Independence Co-ordinator service

Falls prevention service

Parents in PartnershipSupporting engagement of children and families in commissioning

Croydon Drop In


Specialist Counselling and Advocacy Service
The Stroke Association - CroydonRehabilitation Services
Croydon Hearing and Resource CentreCommunity based Hearing Aid Service
Croydon BME ForumCommunity Development Workers
Mind in CroydonMental Health Hub
Hear UsLink workers
Off the RecordSpecialist Counselling Services

South West London Health and Care Partnership

Croydon CCG is part of the South West London Health and Care Partnership alongside five other south-west London CCGs:

  • Kingston CCG
  • Merton CCG
  • Richmond CCG
  • Wandsworth CCG
  • Sutton CCG

Last year we worked closely with our south-west London partners on several joint engagement programmes across all 6 Boroughs.

Please see the links below to find out more about this work which are great examples of how Croydon residents are helping to improve services across south-west London.

Children and Young People




Cancer services





The south-west London Grass Roots programme


Maternity services