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Croydon residents to benefit from new integrated physiotherapy service

Croydon residents will soon benefit from a new and improved integrated musculoskeletal (MSK) service for those aged 16 and over.  Musculoskeletal conditions affect the joints, bones and muscles and are very common, affecting one in four of the adult population.  

NHS Croydon CCG has worked with patient representatives, secondary care consultants, GPs and physiotherapists to develop a new model of care to make sure all the well-being needs of patients are taken into account, not just treating their health condition.

The new service, which has been procured following a trial in five Croydon practices, will mean that patients will have access to:

  • shorter waiting times for an appointment with a physiotherapist with an average of 18 days from referral to first appointment at a choice of over 16 locations across the borough
  • telephone assessments, advice and guidance within two days of all referrals
  • online advice from a physiotherapist to work best with Croydon residents' busy lives

The new service will promote well-being and self-care so local people can better manage their own conditions.   

Connect Health Ltd have been chosen as the preferred provider to deliver the integrated MSK service in Croydon, after a clinically led procurement process in line with the statutory requirements. 

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, Clinical Chair of NHS Croydon CCG and Croydon GP, said: "This new service will mean that thousands of Croydon residents will have faster access to physiotherapists in more locations across the borough.  Expert advice online and on the telephone will help support more people to take control of managing their own condition and ultimately improve the quality of their every-day life."

Connect has a strong track record of excellent patient experience and outcomes, developed over 24 years delivering over 30 similar services all over the country, in areas such as Merton and Hammersmith and Fulham. 

Jon Lowe, Managing Director, Connect Health, said: "Connect Health, the largest, specialised independent provider of community MSK services, is delighted to be selected as the successful bidder for the delivery of the Croydon integrated MSK Physiotherapy service. We look forward to working with primary care teams to make a real difference to patient outcomes by delivering the right MSK care, in the right place and at the right time."

The next steps are for the CCG and the new and current providers to work closely with staff, GPs and patients to set up the new service as quickly and smoothly as possible.   The number of sites will increase and we will work with the owners of the existing sites with the aim of keeping all of them in place.

Dr Fernandes added: "We will work closely with Croydon Health Services Trust, local GP practices and Connect, to implement the new service  in Croydon and to ensure we safeguard the transfer of the existing high quality and caring physiotherapists and MSK staff.  We look forward to the new service being in place later this year."