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​FreeStyle Libre is available in Croydon

NHS Croydon CCG are pleased to say that the Croydon Prescribing Committee (CPC) approved the use of FreeStyle Libre® Sensors for patients who meet the criteria outlined below in March 2018.  The CPC has responsibility for managing the entry of new drugs and devices into the Croydon's health economy.

The CPC approved the use of FreeStyle Libre® in line with the criteria outlined below. 

1.       Patients with type 1 diabetes on multiple (insulin) dose injections (MDI) or insulin pump therapy who test frequently (defined as 8 or more times a day for adults).

2.       Patients with type 1 diabetes with HbA1c >8.5% (69.4mmol/mol) or disabling hypoglycaemia who would be eligible for insulin pump therapy as per NICE guidance (TA 151).

3.       Patients with type 1 diabetes on MDI or insulin pump therapy where monitoring with finger-prick self-monitoring blood glucose devices is not possible.

Initiation of FreeStyle Libre® under the NHS must take place under the supervision of a specialist service. All patients must also attend a training session prior to initiation and commit to ongoing follow-up and monitoring. This is to make sure that the NHS prescriber can be assured the patient is using the device safely and effectively. The first cohort of patients eligible for FreeStyle Libre will be invited to attend a training session with the diabetes team at Croydon University Hospital  from September 2018.   

GPs are advised not to initiate FreeStyle Libre®; people will be assessed for their suitability to receive FreeStyle Libre® at their next routine specialist appointment. This is also applicable to patients who currently are, or have previously, self-funded FreeStyle Libre® sensors.