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Patient Participation Awareness Week

June 19th – 24th 2017

The week is organised by the National Association for Patient Participation, (N.A.P.P) a national charity, formed in 1978. Uniquely placed as the only umbrella body for patient-led groups in primary care, N.A.P.P has almost 40 years' experience in promoting, supporting and developing Patient Participation Groups (PPGs). There are now over 1300 groups affiliated to N.A.P.P, representing at least ten million patients across the UK.

Working in partnership with GPs and practice teams, Patient Participation Groups ensure the patients perspective is at the heart of local provision so that services are of high quality and continuously improve. Groups also provide practical support in the surgery, foster improved communication between the practice and its patients and help patients to take more responsibility for their health.

Patient Participation Week aims to highlight the importance of patient participation to achieve excellence in care for all patients. During the week Patient Participation Groups across the UK will be holding a wide range of events to increase public and professional awareness, including working with local media organisations to spotlight success in patient participation.

Dr Phil Hammond, GP turned hospital doctor, journalist and broadcaster supporting Patient Participation Awareness Week had this to say:

"Patients and carers are the smoke alarms for the frontline of the NHS. They are often first to spot poor care and also have great ideas about how to make care better. They need to be involved in decisions not just about their care, but in designing better care for others. Patient Participation Groups are a crucial way of harnessing the voice of the patient in primary care, and have much to contribute in driving up quality"

A national media campaign with contributions from leading health stakeholders will also highlight the value of these 'grass roots' groups and the important role they play in driving up the quality of care. The week will culminate in the N.A.P.P annual national conference in Hampshire on the 24th June, this year entitled 'Patients, Partnerships and Power'

To find out more, visit the N.A.P.P. website at where you can find about more about Patient Participation

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