Healthy Living Pharmacies in Croydon are helping improve the health of local residents

Croydon Healthy Living Pharmacies provide more than just the usual range of health and wellbeing services that community pharmacies are well known for; they are places where local people are guaranteed high quality advice and services and have access to a highly-qualified healthcare professional when they need it.

What is special about a Healthy Living Pharmacy?

A Healthy Living Pharmacy:

  • Is identifiable to the public and other healthcare professionals 

  • Proactively promotes healthy living and wellbeing as a core activity 

  • Seeks to reach out to the local community and to work in partnership to improve health in the local area 

  • Has a pharmacist lead with enhanced skills who manages their pharmacy team 

  • Has trained Healthy Living Champions 

  • Consistently delivers a range of NHS services of high quality 

  • Maintains premises to a high professional standard, with private consultation facilities

  • Works closely with other healthcare providers.

 There are currently 14 accredited Healthy Living Pharmacies in the borough.  Healthy Living Pharmacies are easily recognisable by their distinctive logo.  Find your nearest Healthy Living Pharmacy here.

The programme is being rolled out in Croydon in partnership with the Croydon Council public health team, NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, Croydon Local Pharmacy Committee and the South West London Academic Health and Social Care System.