​​Individual funding request​


Clinicians, on behalf of their patients, are entitled to make a request to NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (Croydon CCG) in exceptional circumstances for treatment that is not normally commissioned by Croydon CCG.  These are known as “individual funding requests” or “IFRs”.

The South West London Effective Commissioning Initiative (ECI) (see publications) sets out the treatments and procedures for which restricted access criteria have been agreed. The access criteria are based on evidence of clinical effectiveness. This policy is reviewed and updated annually.

Applications for individual funding requests should be made for treatments and procedures that are not covered by this policy,  or where a patient does not meet the criteria in the policy but is exceptional in requiring the procedure.

How to apply

An IFR can only be made by the treating NHS clinician who can apply on behalf of any patient registered with a Croydon GP.  Clinicians should contact the IFR team for further information on making an IFR.  Details are below.
Direct applications from patients are not considered, but information from patients in support of an application is welcomed.

How to contact the team

NHS North East Commissioning Support Unit (NELCSU) manages IFRs on behalf of Croydon CCG.​

​Telephone: 020 3668 1222

Email: nelcsu.ifrswlondon@nhs.net ​

​Correspondence should be sent to:

IFR Team
3rd floor
1 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7NT